Handmade rug (on a loom obviously)
120cm by 70cm
Each rug made to order, so be patient - may take some time to be ready.

I've made a rug! This is a collaboration with GUR.

A volcano was the first thing that burst into my head when I was thinking of what to put on a rug. I thought it would be fun to have on the floor, to jump over the lava, and that it would be a really good thing to have in your bedroom or playroom, mainly for kids, but it should be nice whoever you are!

If you click on the other pictures you'll see a closeup of how the weave looks, and also my original sketch that was translated into the final design. Hope you like it!

This is a traditional Portuguese rug, made on a loom by local artisans. GUR is run by Celia, and we've collaborated to make this Volcano rug. 

Important: Because each rug is handmade to order, once you click 'buy' there could be up to a 4 week time period for the rug to be finished, and then I'll send it out. It could be quicker than that obviously! It depends on the amount of other loom-work there is going on!

Celia also tells me the colours can come out slightly different from rug-to-rug. The lava on my one is a lighter orange, for example.

A little about GUR: Celia is a textiles expert from Viana do Castelo in the north of Portugal. She founded GUR a few years ago and runs it with collaboration at the heart of things. I really like what she does. Go to her website and you'll see tons of rugs she's made based on the designs of dozens and dozens of other artists. 

How the rug is made: There's a page on the GUR website that explains everything really nicely. Here it is.

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