Tiny People - Set of 2 Notebooks

Tiny People - Set of 2 Notebooks


Two notebooks with OK David illustrations, 48 blank pages.

Small details from a much bigger painting I've made, of tiny people frolicking among wildflowers. I spotted them in the forest.

I use notebooks all the time, but they often don't have enough pages, or they have thin paper, or they don't feel like something you'd want to use all the time. I like notebooks you can throw around but that still look and feel nice.

They had to have good paper and soft covers, so you can stuff them in your pocket and take them everywhere. I find these ones a pleasure to use and I always have one with me. I get a lot of satisfaction from them.

There are designs printed on both the front and back covers, so each notebook can be flipped upside down and used from left to right.

Paper is 300gsm front and back, with 48 pages (100gsm) inside.

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