Desert Island Deliveries

My second Liberty design was for their Castaway collection. There's a UK radio programme called Desert Island Discs, where people are interviewed about what they would take with them to a desert island. They're allowed seven pieces of music and one luxury item to make life better. 

Desert Island Deliveries is how I imagined their things getting delivered to them on their desert island. The birds came out of a Indian ornithologists handbook, and the luxuries they're carrying have all been chosen by guests on the radio programme, apart from the Aston Martin. I put that in for my dad.

I wrote a short poem for liberty to use instead of a product description:


If you’re marooned on an island all alone,
Longing for the luxury of your gramophone... 
Or at the top of a hill wishing you had your skis... 
Just give us a call at Desert Island Deliveries!
Our feathery experts will bring things that are out of reach
And deposit it neatly for you on the beach.
OK David