Queue for the Zoo

Queue for the Zoo was the first fabric I designed for Liberty (in 2014). It became a bestseller and was rereleased in 2016 as a Contemporary Classic, with new colourways.

The brief was pretty basic: they asked me to do 'some animals' for their childrenswear department. I chose some animals, made the pictures, and they picked up shoes and spectacles somewhere along the way. I drew the flamingo first, but the fun bits started with a zebra that wasn't used in the final design. I put some red spectacles on him - I just thought they would suit him.

Most people seem to like the giraffe best, but my eyes always go to the okapi. I added horns, which real okapis don't have.

I came up with the name too! My first idea was Animal Jam, but they say it sounded gruesome, like someone had boiled up animals and turned them into something to spread on toast.

Since then, this design has gone all around the world and been made into countless things. I love seeing what people have made out of it.

OK David