Iron Horse album artwork

This is quite an old bit of work. A few years ago I made the album artwork for Me for Queen's album about cycling called Iron Horse. Below is the fold-out map I made. It's an imaginary island in the shape of a sleeping head, covered with locations that represent moments from the tracks on the album, and people who were involved in the production and crowdfunding that enabled the project to be put together. You'll notice plenty of names and odd details.

Just about every detail on the map has a story behind it - either something to do with the songs or how the record was produced. The house in the bottom left is Cambo, where the album was recorded. You can see the bassist Nick falling off the trampoline, Andy the drummer near the finish line of the race, Will the trumpeter playing on a rooftop, and Mary the singer and keys player swimming in the sea.

(I'm on a red Moulton bicycle that my Grandpa used to ride around on. Clue: I'm close to the big jelly.)

OK David