Dinosaurs At Work And Play

This is a simple set of illustrations that doesn’t need much explanation. Basically, I thought I’d like to draw some dinosaurs playing sports, like Sports Day at school.

I had fun choosing which dinosaurs would be doing which sports. At one stage there was a dinosaur playing hoop-la onto a triceratops tusks, but it didn’t look right. I like the hadrosaur doing the egg and spoon (a dinosaur egg of course, although now I think of it that’d be a bit odd - I don’t think dinosaurs would use their own eggs).

At some point I realised I had made a few illustrations that weren’t sports-themed at all. I’d made a Dame Edna / Richard Attenborough dinosaur, an Audrey Hepburn one, a Carmen Miranda one on a bike, and a pteradactyl in braces going off to work! I really liked these ones, probably more than the sports ones, so I ended up jumbling them all together.

Here they are - click to see the next dinosaur in the slideshow:

It’s like Where’s Wally but with dinosaurs

It’s like Where’s Wally but with dinosaurs

OK David