View from Casa Verde

View from Casa Verde

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Particularly nice A2 or A3 print on excellent thick paper.

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This is the view from the living room window of Casa Verde, where I lived very happily for about a year and a half. I thought about painting the view from my terrace, or a view of Casa Verde itself, but when I think of the flat this is the picture that appears in my head, so this is the view I chose to paint.

The day after I started the painting, the lovely dilapidated building was renovated and now it has two windows and a new roof. It still has a lot of character but there is no swallows’ nest in the roof-tiles anymore.

I will always remember my time in Casa Verde very fondly. Mary wrote songs in her music room while I painted in the living room. Downstairs lived Tiago and Joana, and Ana was in the apartment at the front of the building.

All my prints are printed to order. I do this partly to make sure they don't lie around getting creased etc. What it means is they will take a bit longer to get to you - about a week to be print and then I'll go and collect them and send them out after that.

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