Firefly / Vaga Lume

Firefly / Vaga Lume

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Particularly nice A2 or A3 print on excellent thick paper.

Signed and numbered.



This is one of two paintings based on a section from The Book of Chameleons by Jose Eduardo Agualusa.

“There was a young man crouched by the wall. He

opened his hands and I saw they were filled with a

furtive green glow, an enchanted substance that

quickly disappeared into the darkness. “Fireflies,” he


There was a river flowing behind the wall, opaque

and powerful, panting wearily like a watchdog.

Beyond it the forest began. The low wall, in rough

stone, allowed a view of the water, the stars running

along its back, the thick foliage in the


All my prints are printed to order. I do this partly to make sure they don't lie around getting creased etc. What it means is they will take a bit longer to get to you - about a week to be print and then I'll go and collect them and send them out after that.

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