View of Lapa print

View of Lapa print


Between A3 and A2 size

Particularly nice print on excellent thick paper.

Signed and numbered.


Please note: The size is not regular A3 like the others I sell. This one will need a custom frame as it is squarer. This is also why it's a bit more expensive, because I need to cut it down to size as I can't use regular size paper. I painted this on a cardboard box that contained an electrical heater (it was freezing in the apartment!).


This is the view from the window of Antonio's apartment in Porto. It really looks like that - a handsome tree on top of the highest hill in the area, with the small stone shack next to it, and you can just about glimpse the sea around the corner. Usually there are some cats and dogs around as well, and if you're like me you can spy on people through their windows too.

If you want this print in different dimensions, get in touch and I'll arrange it

All my prints are printed to order. I do this partly to make sure they don't lie around getting creased etc. What it means is they will take a bit longer to get to you - about a week to be print and then I'll go and collect them and send them out after that.

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