Whistling Blue Skipper

Whistling Blue Skipper

from 50.00

A2 or A3 size print on excellent thick paper.

Rectangular design, very similar to the original painting.

Signed and numbered.


I had an idea ages ago to paint a whole load of boxers skipping and turn them into a pattern. You can see an early sketch I made for this. The one with his knees up is based on a photo of Sugar Ray Robinson, and a couple of the others are based on photos of Muhammad Ali. Anyway, I got as far as doing two more detailed paintings, one of them is this Whistling Blue Skipper, and the other is the Red Skipper.

I have a jump rope and I often skip as a way to take a break from painting…

If you want this print in different dimensions, get in touch and I'll arrange it.

All my prints are printed to order. I do this partly to make sure they don't lie around getting creased etc. What it means is they will take a bit longer to get to you - about a week to be print and then I'll go and collect them and send them out after that.

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