Someone told me something, I don't know if it's correct but I believe there's truth in it: a five year-old asks 80 questions each day. A seven year-old asks 40. As we get old we ask fewer and fewer.... 16.41 on the 21th Sept 2014

About me: I am an illustrator and writer.

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I drew some pictures of Godzilla dreaming of some nice socks (for a friend's sock business). •

I made the artwork for Me for Queen's album Iron Horse. Buy the album. There are some interesting little details in the map, which relate to the song lyrics.•

Here are some pictures for Henry's Buttons, which is the place to go for Dorset buttons. Those are a special, traditional kind of button made by winding thread skilfully around a ring, in patterns, and they are very pretty. Some of these are blurry. It's the scanner. •

I kept thinking about dinosaurs this summer... So decided to draw some doing sports.•

The athletes:

<--- basketball --->
egg and spoon --->

high jump --->

ice skating ----->
swimming, obviously ---->
r-skating --->
gnarly surfing ---->
tennis ---->
mr muscle ---->
This duckbilled weightlifter one looks like a real tough guy.

And the bystanders:

sip sip ---->
parasolasaurus ---->
flappy gentleman --->