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A sort of picture montage of an imaginary island that I'd like to retire to. I would read and paint by the side of my sleepy lagoon.

Above and below: Some of the things I would need that would probably lie strewn about my lagoon. See how clumsy I was with my green paint by the way; this was thrown together quite quickly at the same time as my delivery birds, which you'll soon find by scrolling right.

Above: The surface of the lagoon, two people thinking of each other, drifting leaves etc... Below: stars and fireflies.

Above: If I could invent trees... Below: The view I'd want.

Illustrations for a small book I'm writing for the Elephant Family, a charity preserving corridors of forest so that Asian elephants can still travel between feeding grounds. I've become quite interested in the issue. The little book is basically a retelling (with some bits before and after) of Mark Shand's account of his travels across India with Tara the elephant Mark Shand founded Elephant Family.

Above: Departing on a journey at a big temple. Below: A chance meeting with two old friends.

Above: Tara shows Mark how sharp the stones are that she's walking over. Below: Tara snores as she sleeps.

Mark's last glimpse of Tara amidst the dust of India. Below: Early on in their relationship, Mark leading Tara somewhere.

Above: Sleeping wrapped in her trunk, Below: two pictures of elephant families.

Below: Many many of us collect elephants in the form of charms, trinkets, ideas, stories...

More illustrations from the Travels to My Elephant book. There are about 40 in total.

Above: I think this might end up being the front cover. Below: two images showing that Mark loved Tara very much.

Above: People washing at the ghats close to Sonepur. Below: Painting Tara before the Haathi Bazaar (Elephant market).

Above: Illustration showing how Mark remembered Tara in his personal writing. Below: Mark's childhood ambition to have adventures and visit India.

Above: Mark realising how painful this farewell will be. Below: Tara making a nuisance of herself by picking up a drunk man during a visit to some town or other.

Tchoup is a New Orleans company that makes the best bags, specifically the bumbaggy pouch I use to carry around my pens, notebooks, keys, voice recorder. I love it. And so I offered to make some bandana designs. These are them.

Above and below: Quick pre sketch I made, which turned into this:

The black/coloured silhouette is supposed to suggest alligators, and the background pattern is taken from paintings of water.

I've not designed a bandana before. What's best, to have a blank middle and a decorative border, or the other way round? I decided it depends.

They're all made with ink and gouache.