Just doing some maths:
x&=&x_c+hat{x}&=&(R-r)cos t+rhocos frac{R-r}{r}t,[4pt]
y&=&y_c+hat{y}&=&(R-r)sin t-rhosin frac{R-r}{r}t.
11.10 on the 28th July 2014

About me: I am an illustrator and writer.

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Email david at okdavid.com if you'd like me to paint you a picture or help you somehow.

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From time to time I send out a newsletter.
It usually has a piece of my writing and a picture.

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I kept thinking about dinosaurs this summer... So decided to draw some doing sports.•

The athletes:

<--- basketball --->
egg and spoon --->

high jump --->

ice skating ----->
swimming, obviously ---->
r-skating --->
gnarly surfing ---->
tennis ---->
mr muscle ---->
This duckbilled weightlifter one looks like a real tough guy.

And the bystanders:

sip sip ---->
parasolasaurus ---->
flappy gentleman --->
I've written a story about a little mangabey who goes travelling. Here are some early illustrations.
(PS: Some of these scans have come out a little blurry - just imagine they're not.) •

The mangabey paints pictures like this one:

Some neighbours wave to him in his treehouse:
The story is actually told years after the events have happened, by the son of the main character:
He writes in a ruined tower:
And here are a few other assorted pictures I won't bother explaining:
After doing Queue for the Zoo I decided to make some more repeats. Here is the first batch. •

Here's a number of illustrations I made for Liberty.
They've been printed onto fabric as a pattern called Queue for the Zoo. It's Liberty's best-selling wholesale print. and is being used worldwide by companies like--these are the ones I know about--House of Fraser, Simon Carter, Globe Trotter and J.Crew.•

Above: Look - here it is as a shirt.

(c) O.K. David