Laurentina & Faustino (Twelve Dancers print)

Laurentina & Faustino (Twelve Dancers print)

from 60.00

A2 or A3 size print on excellent thick paper.

Rectangular design, very similar to the original painting.

Signed and numbered.


My Twelve Dancers paintings were made for Firmdale Hotels. You can see them at Ham Yard in London. 

I painted them over a series of long nights listening to music, and each dancing couple is named and has their own song.

Laurentina & Faustino are dancing to Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte.

If you want this print in different dimensions, get in touch and I'll arrange it.

All my prints are printed to order. I do this partly to make sure they don't lie around getting creased etc. What it means is they will take a bit longer to get to you - about a week to be print and then I'll go and collect them and send them out after that.

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